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Volunteer Opportunities (PIP)


Parent Involvement Program (P.I.P)


The Parent Involvement Program (PIP) at St. Theresa Catholic School is designed to involve parents in the life of the school.  Parent participation is an integral part of many programs at our school. It is important that parents participate in the total educational experience of their children and PIP helps to provide that opportunity.  PIP has many goals. It has been effective in providing the administration a means to:


  • Reduce tuition rates by having parents and guardians of our students fulfill many of the responsibilities that otherwise require paid positions.
  • Fully staff our revenue generating events.  The school’s operating budget is dependent on the success of our annual fundraising events, including the Glow Run, book fair and See's Candy sales. The success of these events is dependent on the hard work and dedication of our families.
  • Create a welcoming environment by involving parents/guardians in events throughout the year.  We are more than a school for your child and through PIP we become a community. Beyond the “requirement”, parents are encouraged to participate in as many events as their personal schedules permit for the benefit of the school and your children.  You are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to forge friendships that will last a lifetime!


Families record their hours for each volunteer activity using the Service Hours tab in Gradelink For additional information on the PIP requirements please check the Parent Handbook.


Thank you in advance for your support and participation at St. Theresa Catholic School.

We simply would not be the same community without you!


2023 - 2024 PIP Opportunities


  • Back to School welcome party: coordinator, volunteers
  • Picture day: volunteer/runner
  • Glow Run: Chair, committee, worker
  • Trunk or Treat Festival: volunteer
  • Book Fair: Committee, volunteer
  • PTG Board Member
  • PTG meeting attendee -> committee participant
  • School Board Member
  • Room Parent Coordinator
  • Classroom Room Parent
  • Field trip driver/chaperone
  • Teacher Aide
  • School Fundraiser: organizer, worker
  • Lunch Assistant
  • School Uniform Help
  • Morning Care: volunteer
  • Just to name a few!