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Religious Experiences


Building Leaders of Faith, Integrity, and Service

St. Theresa is a Catholic school where families of diverse faiths and cultures are welcome.  As a Catholic school, the core of our tradition is rooted in Christianity and the richness of the Roman Catholic tradition.  At the core of this tradition is the doctrine that we must love one another as God has loved us.

Our school community fosters personal and communal prayer and celebrates Mass as an integral time together.

St. Theresa Catholic School students attend weekly all-school Masses.  We also have several special Masses throughout the year. Examples include the Back to School Mass, the Feast of All Saints, Ash Wednesday, and the Closing Mass.

Students from all grade levels are given opportunities to actively participate in liturgical prayer throughout the school year.  Examples are cantoring, reading, carrying gifts, being part of processions or plays, and leading prayer.

Sacramental Preparation

St. Theresa Catholic School helps prepare students to receive the various sacraments including Baptism (when necessary), Reconciliation, and First Holy Communion.  This sacramental preparation leads children on the journey through adulthood with the confidence that God loves them and will also never leave them.

First Reconciliation & First Communion

Our third-grade students prepare their hearts to receive Jesus for the first time, especially through prayer.  They are guided to a deeper understanding of Christ’s True Presence in the Blessed Sacrament by attending weekly school Mass and learning about the Mass.  

The focus for the Sacrament of Reconciliation is on the unconditional love of God and His desire to forgive us when we are truly sorry and ask for His forgiveness.  We use Bible stories to help the children understand the depth of God’s love in each of us. First Reconciliation is held during the Advent season. In preparation for the Eucharist, our third graders learn the elements of the liturgy and the sacrifice of the Mass.  They receive their First Holy Communion during a designated Mass in the Spring surrounded by their families and loved one.


Buddy Program

The St. Theresa Catholic School Buddy Program is intended to foster connections and friendships between our older students and younger students.  The Buddy Program provides a valuable leadership opportunity while allowing our older students to serve as mentors, modeling behavior for our younger students.


Our 8th-grade students are paired with kindergarten, while our 7th graders are paired with 1st graders.  Buddy activities go on throughout the year include celebrating holidays, working on special projects and attending weekly Mass together and more.


Our student Buddy Program not only helps our younger students feel safe, valued and connected to the school community, but it also makes our older students feel valued and respected, which helps them building confidence and a stronger sense of leadership roles.


Altar-Server Ministry

Students in fourth through eighth grade are offered the opportunity to serve and assist the priest in the liturgy of the Mass on school-wide Masses and Sundays. Altar serving involves the entire family.  Students participate in orientation and practice sessions to become servers. New altar servers are mentored by experienced servers and Masters of Ceremonies.