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Safe Environment Training


Background Screening Requirements 

In accordance with the United States Conference of Bishop’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People all diocesan employees, clergy, religious, teachers, staff, and all volunteers who regularly or routinely work with children or youth participate in Protecting God’s Children - VIRTUS.   

In compliance with the Charter for the Protection of Children/Young People and in the effort to prevent sexual misconduct and/or child abuse, all representatives of the Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino - all clergy, deacons, employees of any parish, diocesan school or diocesan office - regardless of contact with children must complete a background check.  Additionally, any volunteer in a ministry (parents/volunteers at the school level) with direct contact with children must complete a background check.

 Background Screening of Volunteers

  1. Volunteers are required to complete a background screening (Screening One) once during enrollment at St. Theresa Catholic School.  The authorization form (Volunteer application) is available in the school office. A $40.00 fee is assessed for the processing of the background check.
  2. St. Theresa Catholic School requires that all volunteers complete Protecting God’s Children - VIRTUS by attending a formal class or via the online curriculum. Once you have completed your training, you are asked to bring your certificate of completion to the school office.  VIRTUS training is required every five years.

Link to DIocese of San Bernardino Safe Environment training (VIRTUS).