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 WCEA/WASC Accreditation:  Western Catholic Education Association/ Western Association of Schools and Colleges through June 30, 2023


Accreditation fosters excellence and ongoing improvement in schools.  In a time of restructuring and the need for basic changes in the school, the accreditation process is a dynamic, viable, catalytic process that provides an overarching structure of meaningful change.   The process assures a school community that the school’s philosophy and learning expectations are appropriate and are being accomplished through a strong educational program.


Strengths of the School:

  • Students enjoy their school: Student-Centered Learning
  • Seamless integration of technology daily-classroom practices
  • Professional Development
  • Collaborative Parish/School Relationship
  • Dedicated, active, and supportive parents
  • Laser focus on improving student learning through professional development, improved curriculum, project-based learning, new assessments, and innovations
  • Dedicated and innovative administration and faculty
  • The school community values its sense of family


 Critical Goals

  • Goal 1:  Strengthen integration and student understanding of the SLEs and implement a standards-based report card
  • Goal 2:  Enhance student learning through differentiating across the curriculum
  • Goal 3:  Provide an engaging, comprehensive and relevant science curriculum



Accreditation empowers the school in its endeavor to provide a quality educational experience for all students.  The accreditation process is integral and synonymous to school (and diocese) assessment, planning, implementation, and reassessment based upon a vision of successful student learning.