Spanish Club Altar Featured at Palm Springs Art Museum

St. Theresa School’s Spanish Club has been invited to participate in the Palm Springs Art Museum’s annual Día de los muertos exhibit since the club’s inception in 2008. Our club has erected altars with various themes. These altars contain traditional, aztec, and religious elements depending on the theme. All altars contain the required marigold flowers and candles. An altar on an individual usually displays that person’s photograph, favorite personal possessions, hobby items and preferred foods. Our 2018 altar is in memory of our beloved student and friend Jarrod Dougherty, Jr.


Jarrod Anthony Dougherty, Jr.

Jarrod Anthony Dougherty, Jr. was born on June 29, 2003 in Indio and died on May 8, 2017 in Rancho Mirage. He had an infectious smile and was a joy to be around.

He had many nicknames: Bub, Bubba, Baby Boy, and Junior. As time went on, he picked up the nickname of Country because of his love of country music. His favorite animal was the narwhal.

He was a member of Victory Christian Center and attended St. Theresa School. He was a player for the Palm Springs Youth League Baseball Organization. His favorite sports teams were the Los Angeles Dodgers and Notre Dame.

Jarrod Anthony Dougherty, Jr. nació el 29 de junio del 2003 en Indio y murió el 8 de mayo del 2017 en Rancho Mirage. Él tenía una sonrisa contagiosa y era alegre compañía.

Él tuvo muchos apodos: Bub, Bubba, Baby Boy y Junior. Con el paso del tiempo, él obtuvo el apodo de Country por su amor de la música estilo “country” americano. Su animal favorito fue el narval.

Él fue un miembro de Victory Christian Center y estudió en el colegio Santa Teresa. Él fue un jugador para la organización Palm Springs Youth League Baseball. Sus equipos favoritos eran los Dodgers de Los Ángeles y Notre Dame.