Día de los Muertos Shoebox Altars

This cross curricular assignment melds Spanish and Religion into one. Our students learned about the tradition in Spanish class. They have also seen the altar erected by our Hispanic ministry in the church annually. These miniature altars are inspired by those made in Mexico during 2nd of November or All Souls Day. Our students used this opportunity to display their creativity. Their final products were displayed in our learning center.  ¡Muy bien octavo grado!

Every altar should follow all the requirements of a traditional Mexican altar – remember, it has to be authentic, but personalize it! 

  1. Papel Picado 
  2. Vela 
  3. Cempazuchitl
  4. Calaveras de Azúcar 
  5. Pan de Muerto 
  6. A photograph of the deceased 
  7. Something to drink 
  8. Something to eat 
  9. Ofrendas (items of particular interest to the deceased)