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Employment Opportunities



Candidates must be a practicing Catholic in good standing who will enhance the Catholic Identity of the school. As the instructional leader of the school, candidates must have a vision to move the school to the next level to ensure that students have all the opportunities to engage in 21st learning opportunities. Candidates must have experience using technology in an educational setting and will advocate for maintaining a state­of­the art STEM program.

Candidates must be able to work in a diverse school setting and have an understanding of a diverse cultural student population and be able to celebrate diversity. Candidates must be able to work closely with the parish community to include the pastor, the Pastoral and Finance Councils, the School Board, Parent Teacher Group, and the Strategic Planning Community (includes members from the wider community). Candidates must be willing to attend meetings for all of the above groups which meet in the evenings.

Candidates will have the responsibility to hire and evaluate teachers and support staff. In addition, the principal will prepare the budget and manage the financials of the school to ensure funding levels are maintained. Candidates must work in concert with the PTG as it pertains to fundraising efforts. In addition, Candidates must work to identify donors to raise $120,000 for the scholarship program.

Candidates are responsible for the physical plant to ensure that buildings and systems are in working order and will address emergency situations as they arise. Candidates must be able to work with vendors and members of the parish who consult as it pertains to facilities.

Candidates should have an understanding of the accreditation process WCEA. Candidates should have exceptional writing and communication skills which are critical to Catholic education. Candidates should be visible at Sunday Mass. Candidates report to the pastor and the Office of Catholic Schools located in San Bernardino. Policies, procedures and the specifics of the principalship are under the jurisdiction of the Office of Catholic Schools.

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must have a minimum of an MA or MS. Candidates must have a current credential (teacher or administrative) from the state of California or from another state.

Include a copy of advanced degree and certification. Include a letter of introduction that outlines your experiences as a teacher or principal. Your letter should discuss your vision as a Catholic School principal.


Michael Keno